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With winter, comes salt trucks that quickly cover roads, driveways, and parking lots with salt. This salt sticks to your boots, eventually being tracked inside your vehicle, building or home. As the winter goes on, this salt can be repeatedly ground into the fibers of your carpets or mats, only making it more difficult to remove. These stains can be very unsightly, however, using DSC’s Sure-Pass RTU, you can remove these unappealing stains to keep your carpet or mats looking clean all winter long.

Follow these instructions below for complete salt stain removal:

  1. First things, first: thoroughly vacuum the area to remove any loose salt particles.
  2. Spray the salt stains with Sure-Pass RTU and let it sit for 2 minutes.
  3. If there is a lot of built-up salt, you can use a brush to gently agitate the area. The idea here is not to grind the salt further into the carpet, but to loosen up the salt embedded into the fibers. For lighter salt stains, you may use a sponge or towel to blot or gently scrub the area.
  4. Use a dry towel to soak up the leftover solution. Then, use a wet vac or extractor to lift the remaining moisture and remove the last of the salt residue.
  5. If there are any salt stains remaining, repeat this process again until complete removal.
  6. Let the area dry using a fan. For vehicle floor mats, crack a window if possible, so the dry winter air can expedite the drying process. Otherwise, pull floor mats out of the vehicle to dry outside.


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Pretty simple, huh? Living in Michigan (a.k.a. the North Pole), salt stains are all too familiar for us team members at DSC. Due to this, we always keep a bottle of Sure-Pass RTU nearby to be ready to tackle salt stains (in addition to many other common household stains), and we recommend you do the same. It is important to keep up on these stains throughout the winter because salt can be very damaging to your carpet and vehicle mats. Sure-Pass RTU has proved to remove a wide variety of stains. To try it for yourself, contact us at (231) 777-3012 or to request a sample today!