pet odorsWhen a carpet experiences heavy foot traffic, has kids and pets making spills and accidents on it, or is just plain old, chances are it probably needs to be deodorized. Stains, residue, and dirt that builds up over time can cause the carpet to have an unpleasant odor. When spots and stains are not properly treated at the time they occur, or the carpets aren’t cleaned regularly by a professional, carpet odor can be a really serious issue.

When carpets are professionally cleaned and deodorized, not only will the carpet smell fresh, but the entire house or building will, too! At DSC, we offer a variety of carpet deodorizers with different scents formulated to tackle those tough odors such as urine, mold, smoke and more! Whether you are dealing with a stubborn odor or just looking to freshen things up, read about the following DSC chemicals below to help you determine the best deodorizer for your carpet cleaning job!

Attest: Attest is a water-soluble liquid deodorant that can be used in conjunction with your cleaning solution or as an after spray. It contains aromatic and aliphatic compounds that combine with malodors and transforms them into a pleasant, residual fragrance. Attest eliminates all offensive odors such as pet odors, mildew, skunk, smoke and more!

Cycle: Cycle is a concentrated odor neutralizer for carpet, upholstery and general deodorizing of odors caused by decomposition. This product has a broad range of applications and can be used in conjunction with your cleaning solution or as an after spray. Cycle is available in 5 different scents: Apple Crumble, Cherry, Cinnamon, Lemon, and Mint.

Krisp: Krisp is a water-soluble liquid deodorizer offering multi-use applications, specifically for offensive urine odors. Krisp’s dual quaternary action provides the punch you need on really tough odors. This deodorizer is the cure for hospitals, retirement homes, child care facilities and pet kennels. Use it with your pre-spray to eliminate odors during initial cleaning process or add it to detergents for a refreshing citrus fragrance!

Nokimded: Nokimded is a combination of powerful extracts imported from Australia. These natural ingredients are known worldwide for their antimicrobial qualities. Whether deodorizing mold, mildew, urine, feces, sewage, floor or fire odors on hard surfaces or porous materials, Nokimded’s neutralizing formula will dissipate the odor as if it was never there.

Scat: Scat is a concentrated formula that contains selected strains of natural enzyme-reducing bacteria. These special strains of bacteria are extremely efficient at digesting organic waste to eliminate malodors. They consume organic matter to eliminate odors at their source on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, toilets and urinals, rugs and carpets.

So there you have it: DSC’s 5 deodorizers! After you choose the best deodorizer for the job and get rid of that odor, it is important for the home or building owner to do preventive cleaning in between professional cleanings so the odor is not a recurring issue. By vacuuming on a regular basis and always attempting to remove stains immediately when spills or accidents happen, it will prevent the dirt, grime and other residues from accumulating in the carpet and leading to odor issues. In addition to preventative cleaning, DSC’s deodorizers can be sprayed on the carpet anytime to keep it smelling pleasant. By following these cleaning tips while using a DSC deodorizer, the carpet will stay fresh and clean! If you have any questions or want to learn more, call us at (231) 777-3012, e-mail or visit us online at