Remove is a pH buffered rinse agent for prespray oriented cleaners or clean rinse minded professionals who want to leave a soft hand at the carpet surface. Whether you clean with alkali or acid base products. Remove will provide the security of leaving your job spotless and pH balanced for trouble-free performance. A low pH agent for rinsing from carpets and leaving a fresh, bright scent. Remove may be used for portable or truck mount extractors to rinse carpets and restore pH to neutralize detergents and remove residues.

Product # Package Size Quantity Per Case Price Per Case Quantity Private
42335 Gallon Bottle 4 $84.00
42024 5 Gallon Pail 1 $100.80
42102 55 Gallon Drum 1 $972.00
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Portables; Add 1 ounce per gallon to rinse, apply as needed and extract.
Truckmounts; Add 1 quart per 5 gallon solution tank, meter as needed and extract.


Wear eye and skin protection.

  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Odor: Mint
  • pH: 4
  • Specific Gravity: 1.06 (H20=1.0)
  • Dilution: See Directions
  • Freeze/Thaw: Recovers on warming
  • Storage: Store in well closed containers away from open flame or heat