A compact waterproof stain removal guide to help you remove every possible stain you encounter up to and including the world-famous unknown stain.
Simply choose your spot and slide the insert up or down to the correlated keycode. The instructions include our branded spotter as well as generic names. If you still need help, our 800 hotline is available for those stubborn stains not listed.

As a bonus, the reverse side is a quick reference guide to calculate concentrated products to their ready to use cost. Plus a handy calculator to estimate number of ready to use gallons two complete a job according to square footage. Lastly, an equipment refill slide calculates the concentrate product to add to water.

Product # Package Size Quantity Per Case Price Per Case Quantity
43508 Each 1 $13.96
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1. Identify the soil or stain to be removed.
2. Remove as much gross soil as possible. If dry, vacuum or scrape. If wet, blot.
3. Using the stain guide, select the appropriate product to use. Unless it has been successfully used on this surface before, always test for color fastness before use.
4. If the stain is unknown, follow the guide using the dry (water-free) solvents first to avoid unnecessarily setting the stain. Remember that most stains once set are impossible to remove.
5. After applying chemical, employ the tamping brush to work the product down the fibers. Next, use the bone scraper to work the soils toward the center to avoid spreading the stain and to gather for removal.
6. Using a clean towel, blot out the soils. Repeat until all soil is apparently removed and if necessary, go on to the next product as indicated.
7. After all possible soil has been removed, apply the rinse water and blot. Repeat 3 to 4 times. If you do not remove the spotting chemical, you will have a returning spot. If you can use an extractor to rinse, continue to rinse beyond any visible signs of chemical presence



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