Merit is a high sudsing, fast drying carpet shampoo which dissolves dirt on contact and suspends it in a foam. Removal of the foam leaves a carpet with a bright, clean fresh appearance and a pleasant cucumber melon fragrance.
Merit will outperform equivalently diluted products, in drying speed, cleaning and carpet appearance. It is formulated with detergents, emulsifiers, degreasers and solvents to provide for fast penetration and suspension of the soil for easy removal. It has a pleasant scent and contains brighteners for an ideal appearance.

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42042 Gallon Bottle 4 $105.60
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Dilute Merit 1-32 for best results. Always vacuum and check for colorfastness before cleaning. For lightly soiled areas dilute 1-40 (3 oz. to the gallon) and increase concentration in more heavily soiled areas.


Wash hands and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling.

Wear eye/face protection. Wear protective gloves.

  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Odor: Cucumber Melon
  • pH: 8
  • Specific Gravity: 1.06 (H2O=1.0)
  • Density: 1.05
  • Dilution: 1-32
  • Freeze/Thaw: Recover with no loss of efficiency
  • Storage: Store in closed containers