DSC understands that accidents and spills happen, and while some spots can be easily removed, others can be difficult to identify and may require special treatment for removal. Although some spots may seem to be impossible to remove, don’t worry; DSC offers a Professional Spotting Kit that contains the chemicals and tools to remove those unsightly spots that your clients are stressing about – all packaged in a light-weight and insulated bag that will protect your chemicals from sunlight and harsh temperatures that could potentially reduce their shelf life.


DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit includes 12 premium DSC chemicals that will leave your carpet spot and odor free. The chemicals are packaged in easy to handle 8 oz. bottles that have flip top caps for smooth application. The 12 chemicals included are the following:

  • Desolv: A coffee cleaner that will clean up any coffee shop, cafeteria or vending area. Desolv quickly removes coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino and other tannin stains.
  • Exclude: A special blend of solvents designed to soften and remove gum and other sticky substances for easy extraction.
  • Gentle: A solution that is safe to use on ALL surfaces and is specially formulated for stain-resistant carpets.
  • Invade: A paint, oil, and grease remover that can be used with water or solvents for the removal of grease, tars, paint, inks, copy toners, shoe polish lacquers and much more.
  • Krush-Gel: A crystal clear d’Limonene solvent formulated in a maximum penetrating gel effective in removing adhesives, cosmetics, grease, gum, tar and other substances from carpets and other surfaces.
  • Laser: An ink remover that can be used on most fibers for the removal of ballpoint, India, permanent markers, and other hard to remove ink based stains.
  • Press-It: A dye stain remover that removes stains such as Kool-Aid, grape juice, food dye, wines, and more!
  • Restore: A mild acid product that removes browning, most tannin stains, neutralizes alkali residues and serves as an overall acid spotter.
  • Rust-Off: A rust remover formulated in a thick clear gel that provides the punch to knock out stubborn rust stains.
  • Nokimded: A stain-resistant neutralizing deodorizer that can be applied to a spot after removal, leaving it odor free.
  • Sure-Pass: A non-butyl, traffic lane spotter and grease cutter effective on a wide range of spots.
  • Trounce: A dry solvent spotter that does not set the spot. It works best as the first try on spots and in the removal of gum, tar, varnish, asphalt, oil, grease, cosmetics, and more.

Running low on chemicals? DSC offers a Spotting Kit Refill that contains all 12 chemicals included in your Professional Spotting Kit Bag so that you won’t ever have to go without. When your spotting chemicals start running low, give us a call at (231) 777-3012 to order your refill or order it online at www.dscprod.com.


Also included in DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit is all the tools for the trade. Your kit will include the following tools:

  • Deluxe Brush: Stiff-bristled brush used to tamp materials from the fabric to the towel or agitate the surface of fibers to loosen up the soil for subsequent removal.
  • Bone Knife: Used to agitate the chemical on a spot, to break up hard or crusty material and scrape it off.
  • Scissors: Used to snip off samples, snags, fuzz, etc.
  • Q-Tips: Used to apply small amounts of solution to delicate fabrics or spots which may bleed.
  • Syringe with Needle: Used to apply solution into blind areas such as the backing of a carpet.
  • Sponge: Used when no extractor is available to remove excess solution from the fabric or to surface wash some surfaces to absorb soils and solids scraped with the bone knife
  • Towel: Used for the transfer of spots when blotting.
  • pH Paper: Used to check the alkaline or acidic strength of the chemical or carpet/upholstery surface.
  • Slide Guide: A guide used to help you remove almost every stain you encounter using a DSC spotter found in your spotting kit.
Spotting Tips:

Remember: When using the tools found in your Professional Spotting Kit, there are a few carpet spotting rules to keep in mind so you don’t harm the carpet and you can remove the stain quickly and efficiently:

  • Always remove excess material left on the surface such as food, liquid, dirt, etc. by vacuuming prior to attempting to remove the spot.
  • Identifying the spot will make it easier and safer to remove. When the spot is unknown, analyze its location, appearance, and/or smell.
  • Always test your chemical in an inconspicuous area before attempting to remove the spot to allow yourself some breathing room in case something doesn’t turn out right such as loss of dye.
  • When applying the chemical to the spot, be sure not to completely soak the area. This could result in the spot getting larger or spreading into the carpet backing.
  • After applying the chemical to the spot, work from the outside of the spot to the center to avoid spreading the spot.
  • Do not scrub or rub on spots to avoid spreading the spot or damaging the carpet fibers. Instead, softly agitate or blot.
  • To avoid the reappearance of spots due to wicking, be sure to completely dry the spot very quickly after removal using fans if possible. Once the spot is dry, be sure to check the spot to make sure it has been removed.
  • If you ever have difficulties in the spot removal process when using DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit, contact us for professional advice by calling (231) 777-3012.

Let’s be honest, your clients rely on you to keep their carpets looking new and spot free. That is why every carpet cleaner needs a professional spotting kit so when faced with a spot, you will have the necessary solutions and tools to remove it and keep your clients happy and carpets spotless. DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit is the solution to this. Call us today to order DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit at (231) 777-3012 or shop online at www.dscprod.com.