At times, you may have a specific spot or stain on your carpeting that you need to remove. As masters of the world famous unknown spot, DSC has got you covered with products that can remove almost any and every stain.

Other times, you may not just have a single spot to remove, but an entire area of carpeting that needs to be cleaned. When a complete carpet cleaning job is desired, you will need a few different products to get the job done. DSC offers many carpet cleaning products that are designed to work together to provide deep cleaning and superior results. Among these products, Merit, Remove, and Fibre-Tec 1:4 especially work well when combined together to shampoo, rinse and protect your carpet.

  • Merit is a high sudsing, fast drying carpet shampoo that dissolves dirt on contact and suspends it in a foam for extraction. Formulated with detergents, emulsifiers, degreasers and solvents, Merit will outperform equivalently diluted products in drying speed, cleaning and carpet appearance.
  • Remove is specifically formulated to rinse carpets, balance pH levels, neutralize detergents and remove residues. It can be used in portables or truck mount extractors in a truck mount system.
  • Fibre-Tec 1:4 is a fluorocarbon, water-based stain and soil repellent that protects carpets against oil and water based stains and repels dry soil. The protection offered by Fibre-Tec 1:4 will improve the carpet’s appearance after vacuuming.

Merit, Remove and Fibre-Tec 1:4 is your 3-step product solution to a complete carpet cleaning job. To find out how to properly use these products, watch the how-to video below to see these products work together in action using an orbital scrubber to clean, rinse and protect a section of carpet.