At DSC, we view our distributors as part of our team. We make every effort to support your carpet and upholstery care needs, but we also can provide marketing support, content and products to our distributors. Please check out the 4 ways that DSC can help support your marketing efforts:


  • Social Media
  • E-News
  • Printed Content
  • Sales & Specials
Social Media:

It’s no secret that social media is playing a major role in the marketing efforts of a company today. Hosting a contest or product giveaway is an effective method of social media marketing that customer’s love. Over the course of this past year, DSC has established a social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. We frequently do product giveaways for our followers and DSC wants to offer this to our distributor’s social media followers as well. So here’s the deal: DSC will sponsor any social media giveaway by offering 50% off any case of product you choose to give away. We just ask one thing; please tag DSC’s social media page in the post. Social media giveaways will help to build awareness, incentivize people to follow your page, increase engagement, and increase sales! By offering our distributors a discount it is our goal to make these giveaways more affordable. Don’t forget, DSC can drop shop a giveaway to your customer if you desire!

Keep in mind that DSC also posts informational product content, how to videos and product giveaways of our own on our social media pages. We encourage you to share these on your social media page so that your followers can benefit from the content we share and giveaways we offer as well. Follow us on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to keep up with us!


E-Newsletters are proving to be a very effective form of marketing for many companies. Unfortunately it can be difficult and very time consuming creating alluring and professional advertisements. E-newsletters that contain infographics and appealing visuals can help you connect with your audience. If at any time you would like to feature DSC in your e-newsletter, we can help! DSC has the tools to design electronic content for your newsletter. Contact DSC to let us know what you have in mind, then we will create an eye-catching advertisement that you can include in your e-newsletter.

Printed Content:

Although social media marketing is very popular today and a lot of product information can be found online, many people still prefer printed material that they can physically touch. DSC has catalogs, spec sheet booklets, and slide guides available to our distributors by request. Catalogs, spec books, and slide guides provide extensive product information that can answer many questions that a cleaner may have regarding DSC carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals.

In addition to our catalogs, spec books, and slide guides, if you are interested in displaying a DSC banner in your store, contact us today to see the options available. We have various sizes and designs available and are open to designing a custom banner so that you can find a perfect fit for displaying the banner in your store!

The 10+10 Rule:

Do you have an in-store event quickly approaching? Are you looking for something to offer to your customers at this event? Boy, do we have the answer for you! If at any time you want to run a sale on DSC products, let us know and we can make it possible for you to offer an even further discount to your customers. DSC will offer 10% off if you are willing to match this 10% off. This means your customers can benefit from 20% off all DSC products. We’re in this together!

Let’s Talk

Have something else in mind? DSC would love to hear feedback or suggestions of other ways we can help support the marketing efforts of our distributors. Contact us today to discuss the benefits mentioned above or any other ways DSC can work with you to support your marketing efforts.