20172017 has been a year of positive change at DSC Products. As the year draws to a close, we reflect back on the key changes that greatly influence where DSC stands in the industry today, and the direction the company is headed. While change can be scary at times, DSC remains confident that all recent changes have been improvements on old habits and we are excited for the continuous improvements that we can make going forward.

At the root of many changes seen in the past year was DSC’s rebranding campaign which was launched in May of 2017. We are very proud of all that DSC has accomplished this past year and would like to highlight some of the changes implemented from the rebranding campaign. These changes include the development of our mobile friendly website, replacement of old screen printed bottles by the sleek and innovative look of our new labels, and the establishment of a strong social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Another important change was the role of our new company President, Logan Dykgraaf. In October of 2017, Logan stepped up from his previous role as Vice President of Finance and took on the role of President of DSC Products.

When being interviewed for his new position at DSC, Logan said, “It has been such an opportunity to spearhead many of the improvements that DSC has implemented over the last three years. With a hard working team of people at DSC it has genuinely been a pleasure to set goals for team members and for our entire company, and to watch every member of the team become personally invested in hitting these goals.”

The end of the year is the perfect opportunity to set new goals for 2018. Achieving these goals involves continually improving our policies and procedures while exploring new ways we can do more. It is our hope that each improvement we make benefits our valued distributors and commercial cleaners that use our products.

As we strive to meet our set goals and look forward to the New Year, we are excited to share some new policies and improvements that will go in effect the first of the year:


Effective January 2018

  • New label on ALL DSC branded products: You will no longer receive the old DSC screen printed bottles. The new labels will be found on our entire line of DSC branded products.
  • $30.00 for 12/8 oz. cases: All 12/8 oz. cases of DSC branded products will be $30.00 across the board.
  • Free 12/8 oz. case per $1000 order: For every $1,000 order, you may receive a free 12/8 oz. case of your choice. This means that if you place a $3,000 order, you will receive 3, 12/8 oz. cases!

We hope that by making our 12/8 oz. cases more affordable and by giving them away when a qualifying order is placed, our customers will try new products and encourage other commercial cleaners to try our products as well.

2017 gave us a lot to celebrate; yet we welcome 2018 with a very optimistic attitude as we seek to make more improvements throughout the year. Thank you to all our distributors for your valued business and thank you to all the hard working commercial cleaners for believing in our products. We look forward to serving you all in the New Year.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at DSC!