shipping and handling feesWhen ordering product from large businesses and corporations, shipping costs and minimum order quantities can really rack up your bill. Stemming from a small family company, DSC understands this struggle, and that is why we have the shipping policies and procedures that we do, so we can cater to businesses of all sizes. We understand small business and want our customers to see us as more than just a supplier, but a trusted partner.

At DSC, we believe that there is no order too small or too big and it is our goal to offer our customers the best shipping options, no matter where the delivery location may be. Every week, we deliver to customers across the country, always ensuring that orders are shipped via the best, most cost-effective method so that your product will arrive safely, on time, and without breaking the bank.

So here’s the scoop: The team here at DSC does all the work to make sure that the shipping process is stress-free. From preparing your freight, arranging the pickup and notifying carriers of any special delivery requests, we take care of the entire shipping process to ensure a smooth ride! For your convenience, DSC also has the ability to “drop-ship” to your customer at no additional shipping cost. Once you place an order, we evaluate the quantity and weight of the product to determine the best possible shipping option. Since we have a warehouse fully stocked with DSC branded products, we typically ship orders same or next day.

Last week, after receiving a truck load of chemicals, we looked at our invoice and we had been charged $240.00 for the pallets which were carrying the chemicals. These extra charges can be shocking and when they happen often, they can add up quickly! For many years, DSC has charged customers handling fees for small orders. These handling fees ranged from $5.00 – $30.00 depending on the quantity of items. Because some of our customers are small distributors, we are excited to announce that we will be eliminating handling fees for all orders no matter the size! This change will be effective immediately. In-fact, if you have past invoices that included handling fees give us a call and we will credit the handling fees that have not yet been paid!

DSC has another major benefit that we are offering to our distributors —  our free freight allowance program. As long as your account is in terms and you place a qualifying order, the freight is on us! Just keep in mind that DSC reserves the right to choose the carrier. Want to find out more about the free freight allowance program? Call the office today at 231-777-3012 to find out how you can qualify!

Unfortunately there are times when we must backorder a product. If this occurs, you can be reassured that the backorders will ship as soon as possible at no added cost to you. Additionally, even though they are seldom, damaged shipments can occur time to time. If this happens, please note this on the delivery receipt and notify DSC as soon as possible. Photos are extremely helpful in the case of a damaged shipment.

As you can tell, DSC takes great pride in our fully-stocked warehouse and shipping capabilities. Now that you know the ins and outs of DSC’s shipping process and policies, hopefully you can rest assured knowing that when it comes to shipping your favorite carpet care chemicals, DSC has got it handled for you. We look forward to your fall and winter season orders – big or small, we are here to accommodate. Visit us in Muskegon, MI or contact us online.