1. Heavy Soil Removal Tips (Infographic)

    Heavily soiled carpets are the result of dust and grime that can get ground deep into your carpet over time. While this not only looks unsightly, it can also become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Although vacuuming can help reduce this from occurring, it is still necessary for carpets to be professionally cleaned on a routine basis. When your carpets become heavily soiled, the combination of DSC’s Sure-Pass and Rescue will have your carpet looking like new again! Follow the steps in the infographic below for DSC recommended heavy soil removal process.

  2. Slime Stain Removal Tips (Infographic)

    Many kids love to play with slime and with school being out for the summer, kids are spending more time at home which means there is a good chance that slime could end up as a mess on your carpet. Although it may seem like it would be tricky, you will be able to remove this gooey mess from your carpet by following these simple steps below:

    slime removal, slime carpet stain, stain removal

    To request a sample of Krush-Gel and/or Press-It, contact us today and mention this blog post. Call (231) 777-3012 or e-mail

  3. Traffic Lane Removal Tips (Infographic)

    There are certain areas in a home or building, such as hallways and stairs, that get extra use from heavy traffic. If these areas are carpeted, this repeated wear can damage the fibers as dirt and other soils rub against each other when carpet fibers are stepped on. These damaged fibers result in the dingy, grey “lanes” found in carpeting that are known as traffic lanes.

    If not properly cared for, there can come a point where the fibers can become so damaged, that the carpet could be squeaky clean but the traffic lanes will still be visible. However, you can help prevent your carpet from reaching this point by following these tips:

    • Homeowners: Vacuum high traffic areas very frequently. By doing this, you can remove the excess soil that can rub against carpet fibers, causing damage and in turn, dingy traffic lanes. In addition, be sure to schedule professional carpet cleanings regularly.
    • Carpet Cleaners: For the best cleaning method that will remove traffic lanes and leave the carpet pH balanced and protected to resist re-soiling, follow the cleaning procedure in the infographic below.


    traffic lane removal, carpet traffic lane, carpet cleaning, dsc products, sure-pass, remove, fibre-tec rtu

    If you are a cleaner, you will find that the above process is not only effective on traffic lanes, but can also be used as your general go-to cleaning procedure for an entire carpet cleaning job. Sure-Pass Traffic Lane Cleaner and Remove Rinse Agent are quite the dynamic duo, however, Fibre-Tec is the icing on the cake serving as the best overall protection you can give a carpet for stain resistance and anti-resoiling. To test the performance of the three products used in this cleaning procedure, contact us today to request samples: Call (231) 777-3012 or e-mail

  4. Easter Egg Dye Stain Removal Tips (Infographic)

    Creating colorful eggs using dye is a tradition many of us participate in around the Easter holiday. Dyeing Easter eggs is all fun until some of this fun ends up on your carpet. By following the steps in this infographic, you can enjoy dyeing Easter eggs with your family and friends without worrying about experiencing trouble cleaning up the mess!

    easter eggs, egg dye, food coloring removal, dye removal carpet, dsc products, press-it, stain removal tips

    To remove Easter egg dye from carpet, you’ll need to use DSC’s dye stain remover, Press-It. To request a sample, call us at (231) 777-3012 or e-mail

  5. Red Wine Stain Removal Tips (Infographic)

    Red wine: the one stain that really knows how to leave its mark. Check out these six steps below to learn how to quickly remove pesky red wine stains, leaving your carpet spotless!

    red wine, stain removal, dsc products, remove wine stain


  6. Chocolate Stain Removal Tips (Infographic)

    Chocolate: It’s sweet to taste, but not such a sweet sight when deeply embedded into your carpet. Using DSC’s spotters, Sure-Pass and Surely, chocolate stains can be cleaned up easily. Follow these simple steps below for a chocolate-free carpet:

    chocolate stain, chocolate carpet stain, chocolate remover, chocolate cleaner, browning remover, sure-pass, surely, dsc products

  7. ‘Tis the Season for Salt Stains: Removal Tips

    salt stains, car mat salt stain,

    With winter, comes salt trucks that quickly cover roads, driveways, and parking lots with salt. This salt sticks to your boots, eventually being tracked inside your vehicle, building or home. As the winter goes on, this salt can be repeatedly ground into the fibers of your carpets or mats, only making it more difficult to remove. These stains can be very unsightly, however, using DSC’s Sure-Pass RTU, you can remove these unappealing stains to keep your carpet or mats looking clean all winter long.

    Follow these instructions below for complete salt stain removal:

    1. First things, first: thoroughly vacuum the area to remove any loose salt particles.
    2. Spray the salt stains with Sure-Pass RTU and let it sit for 2 minutes.
    3. If there is a lot of built-up salt, you can use a brush to gently agitate the area. The idea here is not to grind the salt further into the carpet, but to loosen up the salt embedded into the fibers. For lighter salt stains, you may use a sponge or towel to blot or gently scrub the area.
    4. Use a dry towel to soak up the leftover solution. Then, use a wet vac or extractor to lift the remaining moisture and remove the last of the salt residue.
    5. If there are any salt stains remaining, repeat this process again until complete removal.
    6. Let the area dry using a fan. For vehicle floor mats, crack a window if possible, so the dry winter air can expedite the drying process. Otherwise, pull floor mats out of the vehicle to dry outside.


    Request a Sample

    Pretty simple, huh? Living in Michigan (a.k.a. the North Pole), salt stains are all too familiar for us team members at DSC. Due to this, we always keep a bottle of Sure-Pass RTU nearby to be ready to tackle salt stains (in addition to many other common household stains), and we recommend you do the same. It is important to keep up on these stains throughout the winter because salt can be very damaging to your carpet and vehicle mats. Sure-Pass RTU has proved to remove a wide variety of stains. To try it for yourself, contact us at (231) 777-3012 or to request a sample today!

  8. DSC Launches New Product Catalog

    DSC is thrilled to introduce our new 2018/2019 Product Catalog! This is DSC’s first catalog since the rebrand, so we are excited for you to check out the catalog’s new look! It has been just a week after the initial launch and the catalog has already received a lot of positive feedback.

    The catalog features the entire DSC product line, organized by product group, with color coded page tabs that correspond to each product group. With product photos and other eye catching visuals, it makes the catalog very appealing to look at and easy to identify the products you are looking for!

    Ready to check it out and see for yourself? Flip through the digital pages by clicking here. If you wish to receive printed copies of the new catalog, please feel free to give us a call at (231) 777-3012 or e-mail and we’ll be happy to provide them!

  9. Happy Halloween: How To Remove Candy and Chocolate From Carpet

    This Halloween, vampires, ghosts, clowns, and zombies might not be the only scary sights you’ll see. Halloween can be a blast as kids dress up in their costumes going door to door filling their bags with goodies from trick-or-treating. However, when the kids come back inside at the end of the night and dump their bag of candy all over the carpet on the living room floor to sort through it, this is where things can get a little scary. From that point on for the next couple of weeks, trick-or-treat candy and chocolate messes can be a common stain found in a household. While sticky candy and dark chocolate stains can be a scary sight, don’t worry, they can be removed when using DSC’s spotters and by following the steps below:

    Candy ?

    Candy corn, starburst, licorice, taffy and more! These treats can be quite the trick to remove, especially when they are deeply embedded into the carpet fibers.

    To start, you will have to eliminate any of the sticky, caked candy from the carpet. DO NOT try to remove it by pulling hard on the stuck candy because doing so can rip and damage the carpet fibers. Using a scraping tool (such as a bone knife), carefully scrape away the excess candy from the carpet to remove as much as possible.

    Next, apply Sure-Pass, DSC’s all-purpose spotter, to the remaining candy spot and allow to sit for 1 minute. Using a tamping brush or towel, work inward as you agitate the candy spot and work the Sure-Pass into the fibers. This will help soften and dissolve any candy residue that may be left over. You can continue to apply Sure-Pass as necessary and repeat the process. Once there is no more sight of the candy, flush with water, extract or blot dry.

    •If you can still see the candy spot, this means that there is a dye in the candy. For complete removal of this dye, apply Press-It, DSC’s dye remover, to this spot.

    •Cover the area saturated in Press-It with a white cotton or paper towel and apply steam with a steam iron for 15-20 seconds each pressing. Observe any unwanted color transfer to towel and be sure to keep the spot saturated during transfer, moving to a clean area of towel with each press until the dye is completely removed or transfer stops. Flush the spot with water, extract or blot dry.

    Chocolate ?

    Kit-Kat’s, Snickers, Hershey bars; you name it! Chocolate is sweet to eat, but it’s not so sweet when it ends up on your carpet. However, you’ll be able to remove the chocolate when using the correct DSC spotters and a little bit of elbow grease.

    • Once the chocolate has dried, you will want to scrape away any excess chocolate from the carpet. You can then vacuum any loose chocolate particles up after doing this.

    • Next, saturate the spot with Sure-Pass, DSC’s all-purpose spotter, and it allow it to set for 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes is up, gently agitate with a tamping brush, sponge, or towel.

    • Then, apply Surely, DSC’s debrowning agent, to the spot and allow to set 2 minutes. Extract or blot the spot dry.

    • If the combination of Sure-Pass and Surely don’t get the job done, this means that there is a dye in the chocolate. If this is so, apply Press-It, DSC’s dye remover, to the spot. Cover with a white cotton or paper towel and apply steam with a steam iron for 15-20 seconds with each pressing. Observe the unwanted color transfer to the towel and be sure to keep the spot saturated during transfers, moving to a clean area of towel after each pressing until dye is completely removed or the transfer stops. When this occurs, flush with water, extract or blot dry.

    Try It

    The fall season, especially Halloween, is one of the most enjoyable times of the year and you don’t want a candy or chocolate stain to ruin your fun. When using DSC’s Sure-Pass, Surely and Press-It, you’ll be able to tackle those sticky candy or chocolate stains that may be the result of Halloween trick-or-treat festivities. If you want to try the products for yourself, give us a call at (231) 777-3012 or e-mail to request a sample.

    Wishing you a Happy Halloween from the DSC team! ?

  10. Keep It Clean With DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit

    DSC understands that accidents and spills happen, and while some spots can be easily removed, others can be difficult to identify and may require special treatment for removal. Although some spots may seem to be impossible to remove, don’t worry; DSC offers a Professional Spotting Kit that contains the chemicals and tools to remove those unsightly spots that your clients are stressing about – all packaged in a light-weight and insulated bag that will protect your chemicals from sunlight and harsh temperatures that could potentially reduce their shelf life.


    DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit includes 12 premium DSC chemicals that will leave your carpet spot and odor free. The chemicals are packaged in easy to handle 8 oz. bottles that have flip top caps for smooth application. The 12 chemicals included are the following:

    • Desolv: A coffee cleaner that will clean up any coffee shop, cafeteria or vending area. Desolv quickly removes coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino and other tannin stains.
    • Exclude: A special blend of solvents designed to soften and remove gum and other sticky substances for easy extraction.
    • Gentle: A solution that is safe to use on ALL surfaces and is specially formulated for stain-resistant carpets.
    • Invade: A paint, oil, and grease remover that can be used with water or solvents for the removal of grease, tars, paint, inks, copy toners, shoe polish lacquers and much more.
    • Krush-Gel: A crystal clear d’Limonene solvent formulated in a maximum penetrating gel effective in removing adhesives, cosmetics, grease, gum, tar and other substances from carpets and other surfaces.
    • Laser: An ink remover that can be used on most fibers for the removal of ballpoint, India, permanent markers, and other hard to remove ink based stains.
    • Press-It: A dye stain remover that removes stains such as Kool-Aid, grape juice, food dye, wines, and more!
    • Restore: A mild acid product that removes browning, most tannin stains, neutralizes alkali residues and serves as an overall acid spotter.
    • Rust-Off: A rust remover formulated in a thick clear gel that provides the punch to knock out stubborn rust stains.
    • Nokimded: A stain-resistant neutralizing deodorizer that can be applied to a spot after removal, leaving it odor free.
    • Sure-Pass: A non-butyl, traffic lane spotter and grease cutter effective on a wide range of spots.
    • Trounce: A dry solvent spotter that does not set the spot. It works best as the first try on spots and in the removal of gum, tar, varnish, asphalt, oil, grease, cosmetics, and more.

    Running low on chemicals? DSC offers a Spotting Kit Refill that contains all 12 chemicals included in your Professional Spotting Kit Bag so that you won’t ever have to go without. When your spotting chemicals start running low, give us a call at (231) 777-3012 to order your refill or order it online at


    Also included in DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit is all the tools for the trade. Your kit will include the following tools:

    • Deluxe Brush: Stiff-bristled brush used to tamp materials from the fabric to the towel or agitate the surface of fibers to loosen up the soil for subsequent removal.
    • Bone Knife: Used to agitate the chemical on a spot, to break up hard or crusty material and scrape it off.
    • Scissors: Used to snip off samples, snags, fuzz, etc.
    • Q-Tips: Used to apply small amounts of solution to delicate fabrics or spots which may bleed.
    • Syringe with Needle: Used to apply solution into blind areas such as the backing of a carpet.
    • Sponge: Used when no extractor is available to remove excess solution from the fabric or to surface wash some surfaces to absorb soils and solids scraped with the bone knife
    • Towel: Used for the transfer of spots when blotting.
    • pH Paper: Used to check the alkaline or acidic strength of the chemical or carpet/upholstery surface.
    • Slide Guide: A guide used to help you remove almost every stain you encounter using a DSC spotter found in your spotting kit.
    Spotting Tips:

    Remember: When using the tools found in your Professional Spotting Kit, there are a few carpet spotting rules to keep in mind so you don’t harm the carpet and you can remove the stain quickly and efficiently:

    • Always remove excess material left on the surface such as food, liquid, dirt, etc. by vacuuming prior to attempting to remove the spot.
    • Identifying the spot will make it easier and safer to remove. When the spot is unknown, analyze its location, appearance, and/or smell.
    • Always test your chemical in an inconspicuous area before attempting to remove the spot to allow yourself some breathing room in case something doesn’t turn out right such as loss of dye.
    • When applying the chemical to the spot, be sure not to completely soak the area. This could result in the spot getting larger or spreading into the carpet backing.
    • After applying the chemical to the spot, work from the outside of the spot to the center to avoid spreading the spot.
    • Do not scrub or rub on spots to avoid spreading the spot or damaging the carpet fibers. Instead, softly agitate or blot.
    • To avoid the reappearance of spots due to wicking, be sure to completely dry the spot very quickly after removal using fans if possible. Once the spot is dry, be sure to check the spot to make sure it has been removed.
    • If you ever have difficulties in the spot removal process when using DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit, contact us for professional advice by calling (231) 777-3012.

    Let’s be honest, your clients rely on you to keep their carpets looking new and spot free. That is why every carpet cleaner needs a professional spotting kit so when faced with a spot, you will have the necessary solutions and tools to remove it and keep your clients happy and carpets spotless. DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit is the solution to this. Call us today to order DSC’s Professional Spotting Kit at (231) 777-3012 or shop online at


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