Back in May, we announced the rebranding of DSC Products and the campaign that was implemented to help us fulfill our objectives. From day one, our mission has been for our  customers to see us as a trusted partner, always willing to go above and beyond.

We are now a few months into the rebranding of DSC, and we’re continuing to receive very positive feedback with our new brand image and the value we’re bringing to the market. In an effort to better reach and provide more valuable information to our customers, our team has developed a new marketing strategy. By doing so, we’ve made the decision to reallocate some of the funds that were previously spent on marketing expenses such as trade shows, associations, and magazine advertisements.

As a result, we are happy to share that our sales have increased. We feel that our new brand, especially our new labels, have played a significant role in this accomplishment. Although the cost of our new labels is greater than the old screen-printed bottles, the growth that DSC has experienced along with the revenue generated from the increase in sales has allowed us to purchase various raw materials at a lower cost. To keep the momentum going, we’ve also upgraded to newer and faster equipment, which resulted in a decrease in labor costs. Additionally, as an effort to continually bring the highest quality product forward, we have not changed any of our formulas to reduce raw material cost in over 2 1⁄2 years.

In past years, DSC has implemented a biennial 5% increase across the board for all of our carpet cleaning products in order to adjust for inflation and rising labor costs. However, this year, due to the many positive factors that are playing a role in the growth of the company, DSC is happy to announce that we are able to maintain prices that are mostly consistent with the current pricing issued 06/01/2015. By keeping our prices low, we are offering our distributors some of the largest profit margins in the industry and keeping our retail pricing competitive with other available brands.

“We’re very excited about DSC’s new marketing plan and the results we’ve been seeing so far,” said Logan Dykgraaf, VP and CFO. “Our team has played an important role in fulfilling this strategy, and we’re expecting nothing but great things with the direction we’re heading.”

We hope our customers are pleased with the new pricing, which will be effective 9/1/17. Moving forward, DSC hopes to continue satisfying the needs of our customers by offering the best possible carpet cleaning products at a reasonable price.